Bringing the Family Together by Traveling Together

Creating New Memories Together

Today, it seems like time flies by quickly and the kids grow up even faster. Sometimes the way to hold on to the memories is by creating a few new ones. That's exactly what the grandparents of a large family did to celebrate the holidays. They created one more family experience before their grandkids left for college.  

The grandparents wanted to create a holiday adventure to celebrate Christmas and New Years together. The family wanted to take an African safari, stay at specialty lodges, and have a personalized travel itinerary that included private daily activities. They wanted a trusted partner with expertise in the region, understanding of the family’s wishes and could make their dream vacation a reality.     

Maritz Journeys planned the trip for the grandparents, their children and grandkids. All together, 18 individuals traveled to South Africa, Botswana and Victoria Falls.   

Because we understood the destination, could arrange the travel and lodging and book multi-generation activities, the grandparents were able to give their family a truly unique experience.

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